3 Different Ways To Celebrate With Toast

Let’s face it. There are precious few occasions that wouldn’t be improved by gummy bears. Breakfast in bed? Better with gummy bears. Riding the bus? Better with gummy bears. Running from the bulls in Pamplona? Well, maybe better with gummy bears, but probably best to let them wait until you’ve reached safety. So here’s some suggestions on different ways you can make your celebrations even better with Toast!

Gummy Shots
Shots are fun. Jello shots are more fun. Gummy bear shots...now that’s a whole other level. Just soak your Toast! gummies in your booze of choice the night before, or if you’re the procrastinating type toss them in a few minutes before your guests arrive.

Make It A Potluck
Some people bring a bottle of wine. Some bring a box of tacos. Why not bring some gummies? Just throw a few pouches in your purse or your pockets, and suddenly you’ll be the most popular guest at the party. Guess everyone won’t be talking about your dip after all, Janet.

Gambling Gummies

Like drinking games? Cards? Quarters? Let’s face it, sometimes those games...they can get out of hand. So in place of some shots or drinks, substitute the occasional gummy as a change of pace.

About Toast:

We made Toast shareable so you can easily carry them in your bag or pocket and then be the talk of the group for bringing party favors!  Check out our collection here and stock up today.