The Best Way To Take Toast!

When we created Toast! Before You Drink gummies, we wanted to make the most effective gummy we possibly could. As a result, our gummies taste super strong. But a cough drop doesn't taste like a jolly rancher for a reason; you’re not eating it for its taste! But unlike a cough drop, we still wanted our gummies to be fun and as tasty as possible. Luckily for you, there are two simple and easy ways to enjoy our gummies with a good flavor!

Toast! Gummy Shots

If you’ve ever had a jello shot, you know that gummies can absorb liquor. That’s true of Toast! gummies as well. Left overnight soaking in liquor, Toast! gummies will absorb some of the alcohol, becoming larger, squishier, and absorbing some of the liquor flavor. For the best taste, use a liquor like a spiced rum, a flavored vodka, or another liquor with a powerful flavor of its own. Fireball works well! You can also dunk the gummies in liquor directly before taking them, either in a shot, or a cocktail. They won’t absorb the liquor, but their flavor will be masked. But what if you’re a wine or beer drinker? Luckily for you, there’s another simple way to make our gummies taste better!

Toast! Gummy Bubbles

Ever had yourself a bubble tea? Those big balls of tapioca add a lot of fun to an ordinary drink, don’t they? Well, Toast! gummies can work the exact same way. Just put them in a beverage of your choice, like a soda, fruit juice, or Gatorade, and enjoy! You can’t leave them to soak overnight (if there’s sugar in your beverage of choice, it will make the gummies dissolve), so just put them in right before you drink. We’ve found that lemon lime Gatorade is a particularly good combo and it’ll keep you hydrated! 


We did the science so you don't have to. So next time, remember to Toast! before you drink, and we guarantee you'll feel the difference. Check out our shop and stock up today.