What Is The Best Alcohol To Avoid A Hangover

Best Alcohol To Avoid A Hangover?

Everyone has a theory about how to avoid a hangover. Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear. Or maybe you need to avoid sugary drinks, or you’ll be in pain the next day. But does it really matter what you drink? Are these just more old wives’ tales? Is there really a best alcohol for no hangover, or is alcohol just alcohol, no matter the type? As it turns out, not all drinks are created equally when it comes to hangovers. There really is a best alcohol for no hangover...but it’s probably not the first one that would come to mind.

For most people, vodka isn’t something you associate with being pain-free the next day. But as it turns out, pound for pound, drink for drink, vodka is the least hangover inducing alcohol out there. Why? Well, it comes down to something called congeners. There are many types of congeners out there, ranging from methanol, to acetone, to tannins, and more. In some cases, a congener is in a drink for a reason. Take bourbon for instance. Distillers carefully select specific congeners to create the right flavor, scent, and color of their whiskey. Similarly, tannins are used in wine to provide texture or bitterness. In other cases, congeners are simply a byproduct of making the liquor, and haven’t been filtered out; this is more commonly the case with lower priced liquors...which is why a “well” liquor can cause you a much worse hangover than a more “premium” equivalent.

Vodka on the other hand has no congeners at all. In fact, in the United States vodka is even defined as having “no distinctive character” because it is meant to solely be ethanol (which is the “alcohol” we drink) and water. Running a close second to vodka is another drink that may come as a mild shock: tequila. Like vodka, white tequila is exceptionally low in congener content. As a general rule, the more “clear” the liquor, the fewer congeners that will be present, so other good options include white rum and gin. For the wine drinkers among us, that does mean that white wine is the safest bet if you’re looking to ensure there's no hangover come morning. 

Sadly, even avoiding congeners entirely can’t guarantee you’ll avoid a hangover. If you drink enough, odds are good it’s going to happen regardless of your booze of choice. So if you want to ensure you’re feeling good the morning after a night out, remember to Toast! Before You Drink. Stock up today!