Let's break down a hangover.

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Your Body

Your Body Toast! Before You Drink Gummy


Your body metabolizes alcohol in two steps. First, it creates a highly toxic compound, acetaldehyde. Then, your body breaks that acetaldehyde down using an enzyme, ALDH, and a naturally produced antioxidant, glutathione. But as you keep drinking, your body can’t keep pace with the acetaldehyde build-up, resulting in inflammation in the liver and body.

We use green tea and milk thistle extract, which have been shown to help increase glutathione levels - to break down acetaldehyde. We also use NAC, a direct precursor to glutathione, to help you replenish glutathione as you drink. Milk thistle, green tea, prickly pear, and NAC have been shown to help reduce inflammation in your liver when drinking.

Heart Alcohol consumption causes oxidative stress on the heart. Toxic byproducts like acetaldehyde enter your bloodstream, and these reactive compounds cause damage. Green tea extract and NAC have both been shown to reduce the oxidative stress on the heart caused by alcohol consumption.
Brain Alcohol has a number of effects on your brain, ranging from changes in neurotransmitter levels, to more severe issues like DNA damage and neuro-inflammation. NAC has been shown to help reduce inflammation in the brain caused by drinking, while Thiamine helps prevent changes in neurotransmitter levels and has been shown to help reduce DNA damage as well.

You can read more about the science of a hangover, and Toast! before you drink gummies, here on our blog.

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