We're on a mission to give back time.
Helping you stay at your best after a night out is just the start.

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Here to help you be your best.
Whether you’re on or off the clock, our goal is to help you enjoy the moment, and stay at your best for the future. Whatever your mission: friends and family, hobbies, work, or whatever else, we’re behind you.

Fun in the front, science in the back.
We make fun products backed by the latest science. No magic, no old wives’ tales - we pride ourselves on research, testing, and partnering with top researchers so you can enjoy the moment.

What will you do with your time?
We’re big believers in celebrating the small wins in life, and we’re here to empower you to be your best. What will you do with more time?
Get the party started. Take a hike. Rest and rejuvenate.
Choose your own adventure.

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