Toast! was founded with the aim that we could help people enjoy each day and celebrate life. 2020 has not provided many opportunities for either. Through everything our country and world has faced this year, we have tried to stay true to our founding mission, and to encourage our community to remember that things will get better, and that they should still take time to appreciate what a privilege it is to be alive. However, the murder of George Floyd has provided a vivid reminder that that sacrosanct privilege of life is one that is not equally afforded to all Americans.

We cannot be silent about that. We cannot do nothing about that. We cannot simply say that things will get better, and we cannot in good conscience tell you to enjoy the privilege of your life when your fellow man is not afforded that same right equally. To do so would embrace the exact structural and systematic privilege that has allowed injustice and inequality to live on in this country and the world. We cannot and we must not sacrifice others' joy of life in the selfish pursuit of our own. Joy and celebration are shared, they are communal, they are for us all, or else they are hollow.

But words too are hollow without action. Toast! is not a big company. We have come this far by the skin of our teeth, and we have cut down to the barest of bones to do it. But it would betray the very principles we were built to support to stand idly by and say that a statement was doing our part. Statements and black screens on social media may or may not help anything, but action does. So starting with June 1st and continuing indefinitely, Toast! will be donating half the profits on all orders we receive through our site to the Black Voters Matter fund to support their mission in registering and helping turn out the vote in marginalized communities, and advocating for the policies we need to address these issues in the long term. 

Moreover, we are challenging others to step up to do their part as well. Many thousands if not millions of Americans are already doing their part across the country, and many other companies have stepped up to do the same. But the road ahead of us will not be easy, and it will require all of us to step up and do our part if we want to see meaningful change. There will be many days ahead where we can focus on enjoying life and celebrating. But today, we hope you'll commit to doing your part, no matter how small. Alone we may be weak, but together we are strong, and togther we can prevail.

And once we do, we can all have one hell of a party. Together.