We give a Toast! to the things we believe in as a company and want to share with our community. We're better at some than others, but we believe in doing your best even when it's not perfect. So take a look at what we Toast! to learn more about what's driving us.

toast with us

Clinical Science and Things That Work

There's a lot of myths and outdated science out there. We talk to the top researchers and keep up on the latest clinical research so we can make products that really work. You may not care about mechanisms of action and double blind trials, but we do, and it shows in what we make.

Healthy Stuff That Tastes Good

Eating is one of the great joys in life. Of all our senses, taste may provide us the most consistent pleasure Unfortunately, a lot of our favorite foods aren't good for us, and their healthy alternatives aren't so tasty. We believe in making healthy stuff that tastes as good as it is for your body. 

Celebrating The Small Things

Our lives can get real monotonous if we let them. Work. Relax. Sleep. Rinse and repeat. In a social media age where we're constantly comparing ourselves to people in exotic places and celebrating big events, it's easy to lose sight of the small wins, but they're worth celebrating too. So whether it's just crushing meal prep or a new personal record at the gym, we believe in celebrating those small victories.

Testing and Data

Even a good thing can usually be made better, and so we're always testing and experimenting. Whether it's a new design, a new flavor, or a new ingredient, we don't make changes because they sound like a good idea, we do them because that's what the data tells us is the right decision.

Sustainability and Doing Our Part

Climate change is a serious threat, and we all need to do our part. We're always looking for new sustainable options for our packaging (sadly, it really doesn't exist yet for us, and we've really looked) and ingredients, and we do our best to do our part by partnering with One Tree Planted.

Always Getting Better and Learning From Failure

We understand that not everything works the first time, and sometimes you have to compromise. But just like you can bounce back from a bad workout or a tough week at work, we believe we can always rebound from our failures and learn from them.

Having A Good Time

Toast! was originally born in New Orleans, and a little bit of that city's ethos of "laissez les bon temps roulez" (let the good times roll) is ingrained in our DNA. Today only comes around once, enjoy it while it lasts.