Toast! Before You Drink Gummies


Hey, I'm the all new Before You Drink gummy! I'm a delicious blackberry gummy bear that's so tasty I put other gummies to shame. And unlike other gummies, I'm powered by clinical science and natural ingredients like prickly pear and matcha green tea that help your body process alcohol, support liver health, and restore key nutrients 🐻.

So whether you're enjoying a few beers with the game, a glass of wine with friends, or experimenting with your latest cocktail creation, just remember to Toast! Before You Drink, so you can celebrate tonight and feel great tomorrow!


Take one serving (5 gummies) before drinking. Take up to one additional serving (5 gummies) as needed.

Free Shipping

No one wants to wait for their order to arrive, so Toast! ships all orders via Priority Mail and express couriers (UPS, FedEx). The best part? All orders $20 or more ship for free!

Money Back Guarantee 

We know that you’ll find our gummies to be a great complement to your night out. But if you aren't satisfied with the effectiveness of our gummies, we want to make it right. To request a refund or return, please email us at with your: name, address, order confirmation number, and the reason for your request, within 30 days of receiving your first order of gummies.

Refunds are limited to your first carton only. No tax, shipping, or additional units will be refunded, and return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. To prevent abuse, we retain the right to refuse or restrict this guarantee based on our discretion.

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Rob T.
United States United States
The new flavor makes this a no-brainer

I really, really loved the old gummies’ efficacy. It wasn’t placebo- I’m a scientist, ******. I drank the same sequence back to back with and without, and I know which morning I liked better. That said, they tasted like a horse’s posterior. I used to dice them up and swallow them with a glass of water. The flavor was, at best, the worst thing I have ever eaten more than once. The new ones have 100% fixed the problem. I can’t place the overriding flavor, but it isn’t “Oh my god, why did I put another one in my face?” I am completely on board the Toast! Train.

United States United States
100% better

The new formula is excellent!! It works!!

A Toast! Customer
Adam N.
United States United States
Gets The Job Done

Excellent new flavor and texture. No hangover. What else could you ask for?

Rich C.
United States United States
Worked Perfectly - Taste Great!

At first you may look at the amount of gummies in a pack and think you won't be able to finish them. Once you eat one and realize how good they are it will be easy to run through the entire thing. Ate the gummies about a half hour before my first bourbon. Had a few more and woke up the next morning ready for work and not paying any price for the drinks last night. They worked like a charm!

Nick I.
United States United States
Tasty and Effective

I'm not really a gummy/candy person, so right off the bat this isn't necessarily the delivery option I would choose, but the taste and consistency was very good and easy to eat. Ten gummies feels like a lot, but they went down easy. As for the effectiveness, I noticed a huge difference from how I would normally feel the day after drinking that much. It doesn't take too much anymore for me to have a headache and feel out of it the morning after, so I was keenly aware of the differences. When I woke up after having the Toast gummies, it felt a little bit like I would normally feel MUCH later in the day after drinking, after a hangover has dissipated. I felt like I had actually gotten sleep, and didn't have any kind of headache or stomach issues, and was able to go for a long run in the morning no problem. Usually it would take hours after waking up to get to that point. Given the amount I drank, I would definitely credit that to the gummies, as I did not otherwise change my drinking behavior from what I normally would do. I'd definitely try these again, especially if I had any obvious drinking events on the horizon.