Before You Drink Gummies (Sample Pack)


Hey, I'm the all new Before You Drink gummy! I'm a delicious blackberry gummy bear that's so tasty I put other gummies to shame. And unlike other gummies, I'm packed with natural ingredients like prickly pear and matcha green tea that are clinically proven to help your body process alcohol and combat inflammation 🐻. Just remember to always Toast! Before You Drink, and you can can celebrate tonight and feel great tomorrow, all while supporting your liver, heart, and brain for the long run!


For moderate drinking

Looking to support your health and avoid those mild morning-after pangs after a couple of glasses of wine in the evening or a few beers while watching a game? Take one serving (5 gummies) before your first drink.

For big nights out

Have old friends in town looking to recreate the "glory days" from college or you're planning to take advantage of the open bar at the office party? Start the night off with two servings (10 gummies) before your first drink, and you'll be ready to crush it at the gym (or the office) in the morning.

For when the night gets away from you
Started with one serving and worried that your "mild" night is turning into a bit more of "wild" night? Maybe you just want to stick around for "one more drink" or feeling that wine at dinner a bit more than you expected? With two servings in every pack, you're covered. Just enjoy a second serving of gummies whenever you feel the need, and you're good for another couple of rounds or the rest of that bottle of wine.

Pre-Order Info

The new formula of Before You Drink gummies will begin shipping to customers around the end of AugustDon't worry, we'll give you a heads up as soon as they're on their way to you!

How Before You Drink Gummies Work

Based on the latest science, Before You Drink gummies help your body process alcohol while also reducing the inflammatory effects of alcohol, keeping you healthy for the longterm while also leaving you feeling great come morning. For a deeper divie into our science, check out our How Our Gummies Work page.

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New flavor is great and still as effective!

I tried a sample pack of the new blackberry-flavored gummies this week. I did not mind the taste of the original ones as I like bitters in my drinks, but I was looking forward to trying these.The blackberry gummies are delicious and as effective as the original flavor. After night of heavier than usual drinking (I wanted to be a conscientious tester), I was still able to get a workout in the next morning with a clear head. I like the packaging model of 2 servings per pack where I can take 5 gummies for a moderately heavy night and 10 gummies for a more festive occasion. The biggest problem might be stopping at 5 since they taste like something I could eat by the handful. I also enlisted a friend who had also tried the original flavor. She did enjoy the effectiveness of the old one, but could not get past the taste. When I offered her the new version, she looked warily at me as if I were trying to trick her. When she opened the packet, she brightened up as she caught the scent of blackberry and even more so when she tasted them. Her next question was where can I buy them? These are a hit. Great job, Toast! I will be a repeat customer and an advocate to my friends. The new flavor will go along way towards greater acceptance.