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Before You Drink gummies (Original Formula: 10 Packs)

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Hi, I'm a Before You Drink gummy! I'm packed with ingredients like prickly pear and green tea that are clinically proven to help your body process alcohol 🐻 so you can enjoy a few adult beverages tonight and feel great tomorrow. 

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Eat me before your first drink.

But don't worry if you forget, just make sure you take me before you go to bed.

Serving and Additional Info
Serving Each pack contains around 5 gummy bears.
Calories 35 calories per serving
Ingredients N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, Prickly Pear Extract (4:1), Milk Thistle, Green Tea Extract, Thiamine Hydrocholoride.


Pick me!

I know, there must be other gummy bears in your life. But let’s be real, none of the others are helping you be your best after a night out on the town. And I’m the only gummy bear designed to support your liver, heart, and brain for the long-term. I know I may smell and taste a little weird, but trust me, you'll be thanking me the next morning when you feel great.


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these work great!

I love Toast gummies. They make the day after drinking so much better! They work every time.

United States United States

No hangover... big dumps though.

I’d consider myself a drinker and have tried just about everything you can imagine to ward off a nasty hangover. I got excited when I read about Toast gummies. I bought them. Prepped by a trip to the liquor store. Ate an entire bag of the mediocre tasting gummies as there are no instructions on how many to eat. Next I was off to the races. Got completely white girl wastead. Made many questionable decisions per the norm of a blacked out boozed up night. The next morning I didn’t feel the physical hurt or the mental shame that ends with crying in the shower. I was amazed. The gummies worked! However, I did feel like a pregnant woman who’s water was about to break despite the fact that I hadn’t succumbed to the drunchies of the night before. This was something different. I don’t normally get the liquor ***** so the only thing I could point to was the gummies as I spent the next hour punishing the toilet. These were some of the fattest turds I’d ever laid. I’m talking sphincter stretching stuff. Pretty sure I saw at least one of my internal organs floating there as I looked at my mornings work in amazement. Overall I’d give these gummies a 4/5. Didn’t feel hungover, but -1 star for making me do those awful things to my innocent toilet. On a final note this wasn’t an isolated event. I was able to recreate my experiment the following day with the same results.

Michael F.

Worked great

I loved that I could go out and still make it to work with out my head pounding and feeling sick,I am a roofer so feeling sick is not a good feeling on a roof. thanks so much for that.

A Toast! Customer
Jonathan R.
United States United States

Beer fest life saver

I’ve used these for other half’s pastrytown and green city. The former had an average abv of 12% for all beers at the event. I wasn’t hung over either morning after

Lisa A.
United States United States


These gummies are awesome! They totally prevent the horrid after effects of overindulgence. I can’t recommend them highly enough!