10 Hangover Memes that Perfectly Sum Up a Rough Morning After

10 Hangover Memes that Perfectly Sum Up a Rough Morning After

We've all been there.

Waking up after a 4am bender with your mouth feeling like a desert, a new found allergy to the sun, and empty promises to yourself that you’ll never drink again.

Here are 10 hangover memes that couldn’t be more accurate for those rough mornings.

  1. Why is the sun so loud hangover memeBut seriously, you need to calm down. You’re being too loud.

  2. Rhinocerous shitting out a man hangover meme
    Why do I have 11 missed calls from my ex and a half-eaten ketchup packet on my chest?

  3. can you die from a hangover google search
    Asking for a friend……….

  4. I'm never drinking again hangover meme
    Or at least until brunch. That’s socially acceptable right?

  5. The essential needs when I'm hungover meme
    In all honesty, I really need all of these.

  6. dog with glasses eating brunch hangover meme
    Yes Becky, I’m wearing my sunglasses inside. Deal with it and get me some more BBQ sauce.

  7. fry from futurama hangover meme
    Wait, is today Sunday or Monday…..or Friday? Shit.

  8. dos equis most interesting man in the world hangover meme
    Every. Single. Time.

  9. roll safe thinking hangover meme
    I guess technically it’s not a hangover if I’m still drunk, right???

  10. are you up hungover text and answer meme
    I’ll be awake in a week….. Unless you want to go get mimosas, then I’ll be up in an hour.

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