Hangovers: The More You Have, The Worse They Are

Hangovers: The More You Have, The Worse They Are

Have you ever had a super busy stretch of life where you haven’t had a moment to yourself? Between work, family, whatever, you just don’t have the time to relax, let alone the time to have a few drinks. Finally things die down, you’re able to relax with a few adult beverages, and then the next morning you think to yourself “wow, I’ve completely lost my tolerance”. 

It’s not an uncommon belief. If you ask most people, they’d tell you that there’s absolutely such a thing as tolerance to alcohol and hangovers. If you drink more often, your tolerance builds up, and you need to drink more to get drunk. And as your tolerance rises, an amount of alcohol that might have given you a brutal hangover before you may not even notice the next morning.

Well, as great a theory as that sounds...it’s completely false. A recent study by hangover researcher, and Toast! scientific advisor, Dr. Joris Verster has shown that the more frequently a person experiences hangovers, the worse those hangovers become...and that holds true even if you correct for how much that person drinks. 

In other words, let’s say that after three glasses of wine, you’ll have a hangover. If you kept drinking three glasses of wine every few days or every week, instead of your tolerance building up and having less and less of a hangover, that hangover gets worse and worse every time. Even if you’re drinking the exact same amount of alcohol, if it gives you a hangover, the more frequently you have those hangovers, the worse they’ll get.

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