Home Remedies for Hangovers: The Best, The Worst, and The Dangerous

You wake up, and at first you feel fine. Then it hits you. The headache. The nausea. Every body part crying out one after another...why did you have to drink so much last night? You wrap yourself back back under the covers and hope it will go away on its own, but it only gets worse. So you think to yourself that there’s got to be some way I can get rid of this hangover, and one of these “home remedies” comes to mind.

The Best

Drinking water: Dehydration and a hangover aren’t the same thing...but odds are good that if you’re hungover, you’re probably dehydrated too. And hey, make it a nice glass of ice water and you can even put that sucker on your head for a little relief.

Coffee: Research has shown that caffeine is an effective reliever of a headache caused by a hangover. It may not help much with your other symptoms, but hey, a little relief is better than none!

Aspirin: If the coffee doesn’t do the trick, you can always try an aspirin.

The Worst

Greasy food: Pound a couple burgers, fry up some bacon, eat some leftover pizza...hey, there’s plenty of options. Sure, none of them will actually help you feel any real relief, but at least they’ll probably taste good.

Raw eggs: No relief and it tastes nauseatingly bad? Well, that’s quite a combo.

Pickle juice: Give pickle juice this much...it doesn’t taste as bad as raw egg, and it goes down easier.

The Dangerous

Acetaminophen: Drinking puts a strain on your liver. Tylenol puts a very similar strain your liver. If you take Tylenol after drinking, you risk serious damage to your liver. Stick to the aspirin.

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