5 different DIY Projects with Wine Corks

Some days just seem to call for a bottle of wine. So you grab a bottle, you pop the cork...and then you find yourself saying “well this is a nice bottle of wine, so I should keep the cork”. Jump to a year later, and suddenly you’ve got a bucket full of corks and no idea what to do with them, and clearly you’re not going to throw them out now...you just need the right project! Well, we’ve come up with our five favorite ways to use those leftover corks.

#1: Cork zoo? Cork zoo.

People have gone pretty wild with these cork animals, and there’s loads of ways to make them. You can use the cork as the body, and attach some body parts to it. Feeling more artistic? Grab a marker and design yourself a penguin or a tiger. In a more constructive mood? Take a few and build yourself a horse (here’s a hint: start with using a cork for each leg, another for the body, and cut a third into a big piece for the head and a smaller piece for the neck). Endless possibilities!

#2: Who started the fire? Wine corks!

You know what pairs well with a nice glass of wine on a cold day? A nice fire in your fireplace. And you don’t need to be a pro camper to make a fire if you’ve thought ahead with some wine corks. Just fill an airtight container with some rubbing alcohol, throw in your corks, and let ‘em soak. Once it’s time for your fire, throw in some kindling with your logs, and then put in your corks. One match later, and you’ll be relaxed next to a warming fire with a warming glass of wine in hand.

#3: It's gonna be a very classy affair

Wine is best shared with friends, and sometimes that means classing the place up a bit. You break out the nice plates, make sure all the silverware matches, and with a few corks, you’ve got yourself some placeholders too! All you need to do is cut a small slit lengthwise down the cork, and you’ve got yourself a perfect placeholder for all your guests namecards.

#4: Build a bathmat

If you’ve found yourself with a prodigious collection of corks, you may find yourself saying “well those suggestions are well and good, but it’s not going to dent my cork cabinet!”. Enter the cork bathmat. All you need are corks, a good powerful glue (hot glue works best), and a non-adhesive liner to place them on. Then all you need to do is build a rectangle out of your corks, cut the liner to size, and glue them into place. Boom, cork bathmat.

#5: A plant holder for even the least green of thumbs

If you’re the type who has managed to kill even your plastic plants, this is the plant holder for you. Take your cork, and punch a hole in the top (you can even use a corkscrew for this). Then use a knife to dig out a bigger hole, which you’ll want to go about halfway down the cork. Then fill the hole with soil, plant a succulent clipping. They’re cheap, hardy, and in style, so you’ll seem to be quite the fashionable gardner.

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