How Much Time Do We Lose To Hangovers

Sure, there are those lifetime teetotalers who’ve never been “blessed” with the singular misery of a hangover—and there definitely seem to be some genetically “hangover-proof” folks out there immune to the effect. Most people, though, are probably familiar firsthand with this morning-after agony, even if it only took one bout to swear them off over-indulging ever again.

For an awful lot of us, hangovers are a fairly regular occurrence. One study out there estimates roughly one in four people in the U.S. will have a hangover this month. And other research hints that this could actually be a low-end estimate: Another study, for instance, suggested that the average person suffers at least one hangover a month from the age of 18 onwards.

Kick that math around in your head a little, and it starts getting a little “sobering,” so to speak. That potentially lowball figure might translate to about six months of your life spent nice and hungover. The higher estimate would stretch out that composite hangover to a good two years. And what about the decent number of social drinkers for whom the average stat of one hangover a month falls well short? Some research suggests about 5% of people face down closer to six hangovers a month. Yikes: That shakes out to a dozen very long hungover years.

Obviously these are all really rough estimates, but the point is that hangovers and their sabotaging effects on productivity and mood can really take their cumulative toll.

Do you want to spend half a year of your life (or more) with a monster headache, a tender stomach, and a short-fuse temper directed at any loud noises, alarm clocks, and cellphone ringtones? Of course you don’t. Here at Toast!, we’ve got just the thing to stave off those time-wrecking hangovers: our delicious and extremely portable Toast! gummy bears. We make these friendly little gummies with prickly pear extract, green tea extract, milk thistle, and other ingredients that ward against the alcohol-induced buildups of toxic acetaldehyde that seem to be primarily responsible for hangover symptoms.

Reclaim that share of your month or year typically given over to the sheer misery of hangovers by adding a step to your night-out routine that really couldn’t be simpler: popping a Toast! gummy before you clink glasses.

Then start figuring out how you’ll spend your hangover-free days: trying for that promotion? Learning how to stand-up paddleboard or play the electric guitar? Starting a book club? Meditating? Running for office? All of the above?

We probably don’t need to point out how thoroughly non-conducive the hangover is to any of those aspirations and activities. So just remember to reach for your bag of gummies before you step out the door this evening!


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