The Five Types of Hangovers

We’ve all had that kind of night. You forget about dinner until your friends are pounding on the door, waiting for you to come out. Then you decide to skip the water, because hey, light beer is something like 95% water anyway, so you can just have one of those. And the next morning,’s just not that fun. Particularly given it comes in so many varieties!

The Slow Burn

You wake up feeling fine. You think you’ve dodged a bullet. And then the first stomach rumblings begin. Oh, it’s nothing you tell yourself. Then you notice your head is starting to hurt. And the room seems to be getting hotter. A couple hours later, you’re curled up in a ball wondering what fresh hell is coming next.

The Blackout

Last night is a mystery. You remember going out. You even remember arriving at the club. Then things get a bit blurry. There was a cowboy? And a panda was breakdancing? And then the night just seems to end in your memory...but you must have fallen down some stairs because you’ve noticed a bunch of inexplicable bruises.

The Disaster Area

You come to on the kitchen floor, your shoes in the sink and your shirt nowhere to be found. There’s a half eaten piece of pizza lying next to you, and you find the rest of it conveniently on the couch...well, except for the box which is still on the table. Then there’s the bathroom which, well, it’s just not fit for human occupation anymore. At least the raccoons seem happy.

The “I Wish It Was a Blackout”

If only you could forget. But no, you remember everything. The tequila shots. The seemingly brilliant at the time Fireball chaser. Dancing on the bar at Coyote Ugly; being told that you were at a Friday’s, and you had to get off the bar. At least you didn’t send any text messages to your ex...oh no, well, I guess you didn’t remember everything after all.

The Secret Agent

You wake up in a room you’ve never seen before. Your phone? Gone. Your wallet? Empty, except for a few crumpled bills and a dry cleaning ticket that wasn’t there before. In the distance you can hear people talking, but it’s clearly not English that they’re speaking. The only hint to your location is the train ticket on the table...and there’s no train where you live

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