The Hot Toddy: The Perfect Cold Weather Cocktail

With the temperatures dipping down, there’s nothing better than warming up with a nice hot toddy! And luckily, it’s just about the easiest drink in the world to make, and one you can easily modify to suit your taste. All you need are four basic ingredients:

  • Hot water (¾ cups per serving)
  • Honey (2-3 tablespoons per serving)
  • Lemon juice (2-3 tablespoons per serving)
  • Whiskey (1 shot per serving)

To make your toddies, just combine the honey, lemon, and whiskey in warm water and stir until the honey has fully dissolved. The real key? Start with 2 tablespoons of both honey and lemon, and then customize depending upon your personal preference. Want your toddy a bit on the sweater side? Add another tablespoon of honey. Want it a bit more on the tart side? Add a tablespoon of lemon juice.

hot toddy


Beyond these basics, there’s a world of different ways to customize your hot toddy. Not a fan of whiskey? Try out some rum or brandy. Want a bit of a mulled cider slant on your toddy? Throw in a shot of apple cider. Or even cut up an apple and put a couple wedges in! Want a bit more flavor? Consider tossing in a tea bag! You can also try cloves, a stick of cinnamon, anise, and other spices to perfect your own personal hot toddy recipe!